If the BeBop Support team has requested you to provide Teradici Support Logs,
these steps will guide you through the process.


1. On the desktop of your BeBop Virtual Machine click the Windows System Tray icon next to the clock to show hidden icons.  

2. Right click on the "PCoIP Control Panel".

3. Select "Support".

4. Select "Create Support File".

5. When finished, this will create a Zipped file package. 

6. Copy/Move this file to your network Project storage.

7. Login to your account at https://support.beboptechnology.com/ and create a ticket. Include the full pathname of the "supportbundle-agent-xxx" file that resides on your network Project storage. For example: "Your BeBop Storage Name/ supportbundle-agent-xxx". This enables the BeBop Support team to locate and review the log file.

****For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.