For this release, the BeBop software Client will require an auto-update, which is initiated when the software is next started up.

If the auto-update fails, please delete (on Mac) or uninstall (on Windows) the Client, download the new Client software from the MCP, and then re-install the software.

For more information on downloading and installing the client, please refer to this Solution article:

Additionally, this release includes an update to the Session Dashboard. The Session Dashboard will automatically update upon the first login into a BeBop workstation.

Release Overview:

In this release we are excited to bring our users the new BeBop Share Link feature in Public Preview! This feature is the companion to our recently-released BeBop Receive Link feature. The BeBop Share Link feature allows BeBop users to create shareable URLs which enable both internal and external individuals to download specific files directly from BeBop Projects using nearly any device with a web browser, with all of the security and control you expect from BeBop. 

As part of this feature release, the Session Dashboard is getting an update with an entirely new “BeBop Links” tab, enabling users to create BeBop Receive and Share Links from inside of a BeBop workstation.

We are additionally deploying the Content Hub interface inside of the MCP. So now users can simply use a web browser to browse files and folders on BeBop Projects.

Finally, we are releasing several UX improvements to help improve downloading, assist with finding specific workstations in a large list within the software client, add User management functionality for Org Admins, and streamline assigning users to Pods and Projects.

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users.

What's New:

BeBop Client software update to v.2.7.28 / 2.7.83

MCP update to v.2.7.54

Session Dashboard update to v.2.6.171

BeBop Share Link feature released in Public Preview

  • The BeBop Share Link feature, powered by BeBop’s Rocket transfer protocol, allows users on the BeBop platform to create shareable URLs that are linked to specific files on a BeBop Project. These URLs enable both internal and external individuals to download that content directly from the BeBop Project using nearly any device with a web browser, such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Access to these links can be protected using custom passwords or a BeBop login, and the users setting up a BeBop Share Link are able to specify the precise files that can be downloaded from the link.
  • BeBop Share Link functionality can be accessed on the Session Dashboard of a BeBop workstation by navigating to the new BeBop Links tab, and then clicking on the Share tab. 
  • To help keep content more secure, users will not have access to this functionality unless it is specifically requested. For this initial release, individual users may be granted permission to access BeBop Share Link functionality by having their Org Admin submit a ticket to BeBop Support. 
  • We are releasing the BeBop Share Link feature in a Public Preview mode to all customers for now. Access to this feature may change at any time. Reference our EULA for Preview Mode terms and conditions.


Real-time listing of files and folders on BeBop Projects

  • Previously, the listing of files and folders on the BeBop Download tab inside of the software client was done by Content Hub infrastructure. However, this could result in a delay between the time that newly rendered or uploaded content arrived on shared storage, and the time that this data was fully indexed by Content Hub and displayed in the Download interface. Now the scanning of files can be done locally on the shared storage server, which translates to real-time updates to the file and folder listings. This is now the default behavior for the BeBop Download interface in the software client and Content Hub in the MCP. Please note that this functionality is powered by transfer servers. So it may take a minute or two to complete an initial scan if your transfer server infrastructure has auto-shutdown and must boot up.

Visual grouping of workstations inside of the software client

  • It can be difficult for users in a Pod that contains many computers to find their preferred workstation inside of the Workstations tab of the BeBop software client. Now organizations can request a custom visual grouping of workstations so that users inside of a large Pod can find their workstations much more easily. For this initial release, changes to workstation groupings can be made by having the Org Admin submit a ticket to BeBop Support.

Improved UI for assigning users to Pods and Projects

  • It can be time-consuming and difficult for Org Administrator users at large organizations to search for users one at a time and then assign them to a Pod or Project. The new interface displays the entire list of users in an organization mirrored against the list of users assigned to the currently-selected Pod or Project. It is now a simple one-click process to add or remove a user from a Pod or Project. This both helps to streamline this task and lays the groundwork for possible future enhancements to this functionality.

Org Admins can directly manage transfer permissions for their users

  • Inside of the MCP, Org Admin users now have access to an Org Admin Tasks tab in the Profile page for each of the users in their organization. This tab allows the Org Admin to directly manage permissions on a per-user basis, eliminating the need to send tickets to BeBop Support to request changes. The initial set of permissions includes Can Download, Can Upload, Can Use Hot Folder, Can Use BeBop Receive Link, and Can Use BeBop Share Link.

Browse storage using the Content Hub interface in the MCP

  • Users can now browse their BeBop Projects within a new Content Hub interface inside of the MCP. This interface will look very familiar to anyone who has used the BeBop Download tab of the software client. The Content Hub interface can be accessed in the MCP by navigating to Projects, clicking the Edit button associated with a Project, and then clicking on the Content Hub tab.

Drop Link renamed to BeBop Links

  • We are renaming the old Drop Link interface in the MCP to align with the current BeBop Links naming convention. The Drop Link tab is now renamed BeBop Links. The original Drop Link uploading functionality is now called a BeBop Receive Link and is selectable in the BeBop Links interface along with the new BeBop Share Link option.


Org Admins can’t stop running workstations

  • This fix addresses an issue inside of the MCP where Org Admin users were unable to stop running BeBop workstations.

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