TL;DR - Back up your important settings from your user profile into shared storage: Keyboard Settings, Encoder settings, quick reference shortcuts, etc.

One benefit of working on the BeBop platform is the ability to switch workstations quickly.  This is something that can be difficult when using on-prem hardware or even working remotely.  The power of having a fully scalable post production facility in the cloud allows for better task separation and the ability to easily upgrade workstations, and fixing software issues.  It is quicker to launch a new instance and terminate the old one.


Sometimes these benefits can impact your creative flow.  If you have become accustomed to working on a particular workstation and that workstation has been assigned to another USER, has been terminated, or is otherwise unavailable you will want to be able to quickly adjust to creating a familiar user profile in a new workstation.  

Settings Management

In order to seamlessly transition to another workstation you will want to prepare your toolset before hand.  A couple of the most common items that you will need are:

Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\[Version number]\Profile-[username]\Win

Adobe Premiere Window Layouts:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\[Version number]\Profile-[username]\Layouts

Adobe Media Encoder Presets:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\[Version number]\Presets

After you've located your settings file(s) move them to a BeBop Project.  In this picture you can see there is a "USERS" folder in the organizations "Default" storage.  

When working on a fresh workstation simply copy those files into the appropriate directory in your user profile.  

Account Management

Depending on your Organization's security protocols you may also have access to your Internet Browser bookmarks, passwords, and extensions.  Sometimes it is easier to use a service such as Google or LastPass to securely store your settings that can be accessed from your cloud based workstation.  These can be accessed on your BeBop workstation if you have open access to the internet or the URL has been Whitelisted if locked down with a Proxy server.

Remember that when you are working on a BeBop workstation you are in a secure user profile that no one else has access to.  So you can establish your logins with complete confidence.

Each project has its own set of needs and backing those up are a way to increase workflow efficiency. 

Any questions? Create a ticket in the Bebop Helpdesk.

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