For this release, the BeBop software Client will require an auto-update, which is initiated when the software is next started up.

If the auto-update fails, please delete (on Mac) or uninstall (on Windows) the Client, download the new Client software from the MCP, and then re-install the software.

For more information on downloading and installing the client, please refer to this Solution article:

Release Overview:

In this release we are excited to bring our users the new Drop Link feature in Public Preview! This feature allows BeBop users to create shareable URLs which enable both internal and external individuals to upload content directly to BeBop Projects from nearly any device with a web browser, and with all of the security and control you expect from BeBop. We are additionally releasing a number of improvements and fixes to the Hot Folder feature, as well as some UI improvements and fixes to the Client and the MCP.

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users.

What's New:

BeBop Client software update to v.2.7.28/2.7.77

MCP update to v.2.7.51

Session Dashboard remains v.2.6.148

Drop Link feature released in Public Preview

  • The Drop Link feature, powered by BeBop’s Rocket transfer protocol, allows users on the BeBop platform to create shareable URLs that are linked to a BeBop Project. These URLs enable both internal and external individuals to upload content directly into a BeBop Project using nearly any device with a web browser, such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Access to these links can be protected using custom passwords or a BeBop login, and the users setting up a Drop Link can control the upload path as well as the formats, sizes, and number of files that can be uploaded using a given link.

  • Drop Link functionality can be accessed in the MCP by navigating to Projects, clicking the Edit button associated with a Project, and then clicking on the Drop Links tab.

  • We are releasing this feature in a Public Preview mode to all customers for now. Access to this feature may change at any time.   


Upload destination folders on BeBop storage are now user-selectable

  • Users now have the ability within the Ingest tab of the Software Client to select an upload destination folder on BeBop storage. If no destination folder is specified, files will land in an automatically-generated time-stamped folder in the root directory of the chosen Project.  

“Blacklist” functionality added to the Hot Folder feature

  • The blacklist functionality gives users the ability to conveniently select an upper-level folder on their local storage as a singular, comprehensive hot folder source, while providing the flexibility to exclude specific nested files and folders that do not need to be uploaded to BeBop storage.  

“One Way” functionality renamed to “One Time”

  • Enabling the “One Way” functionality of the Hot Folder feature results in files only transferring up to BeBop storage once, regardless of if those files are deleted or moved after they land on the BeBop storage. To better set user expectations regarding the behavior of this functionality, the “One Way” feature has been renamed to “One Time.”  

Workstations are now displayed in proper numerical order inside of the Software Client

  • In the Workstations tab of the Software Client, workstations were previously arranged in a numerical order sorted primarily by the first digits in their labels, and not by increasing numerical value. This made it more difficult to find a specific workstation when tens of workstations were deployed in a single Pod. Workstations will now be sorted by their proper numerical value.  

“In Maintenance” status added to workstations displayed inside of the Client and MCP

  • Workstations that are in process of being maintained by BeBop Support and Engineering will now be appropriately displayed with a yellow “In Maintenance” status label inside of the Workstations tab of the Software Client and on the Workstations page of the MCP.  


Default Hot Folder re-transfer functionality fixed

  • Prior to this fix, all Hot Folder transfers acted like “One Time” transfers, regardless of the setting of the One Time feature (previously called “One Way”). Now, files will properly retransfer if they are deleted or moved on the BeBop destination storage if the One Time option has not been enabled.  

Drive letter no longer spelled out when selecting the Absolute Path option of Hot Folder on Windows 

  • Prior to this fix, when users on a Windows PC set up a Hot Folder with the “Absolute Path” option selected, the drive letter was spelled out in all caps and displayed as the root of the destination path on BeBop storage. Now the Absolute Path option properly ignores the drive letter and only sets up the folder structure on the BeBop destination storage beginning with the parent folder of the local (source) path.  

Project Utilization metric graph is now displaying in the MCP

  • Prior to this fix, the Project Utilization metrics graph was not properly displaying when users navigated to the Projects page of the MCP and clicked on the “Edit” button on a specific BeBop Project. This fix addresses that issue.

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