BeBop OTS is a feature that allows for remote viewing of a single BeBop workstation from another BeBop workstation.  These instructions are for using a BeBop OTS only station.  

OTS Overview & Steps to getting started...

BeBop OTS Overview

Using the BeBop OTS feature requires 2 users to launch 2 BeBop workstations; one will serve as the master workstation that will be viewed and the other workstation will be remote viewing the master's desktop.  The viewing station is generally located in a seperate OTS pod.  If you doing an OTS session between 2 workstations please see this article.

Before starting an OTS session make sure that your microphone and speakers are plugged in and working.  If your microphone and speakers weren't plugged in and powered on before you launched your workstation you may need to "Disconnect" from the VM and launch it again.

Starting a BeBop OTS session

When you login to the OTS Computer for the first time you will need to change a setting in the WIndows Operating System.  

1.  In the bottom left of the windows screen there is a microscope (1) click on that and type in "microphone" (2).  Then choose the setting "Choose which apps can access your microphone" (3).

2.  Drag the slider under "Allow apps to access your microphone" from left to right.  

3.  It should now be BLUE and "on"

4.  You can close this setting window now.

5.   This is the BeBop Dashboard with the BeBop OTS panel.  You can either initiate the OTS Session or wait for an invite.  

6.  If you received an invite it will show like so:

7. If you are going to initiate the OTS Session follow these steps:

    a. On the BeBop dashboard, on the right side, select the "Send Invite" tab

    b. Enter the "Session Name"

    c. Enter "Description"

    d. Type the name and select the user you wish to invite to your OTS session

    e. click "Invite"

8. Once the invite is accepted you will be connected but not sharing your screen yet.  Wait for the Editor/Creative to share their screen.  If you want to use the audio chat click the RED microphone to unmute.  

9.  Once the other user is sharing their screen it will take up most of the BeBop dashboard space.  You can go full screen by selecting the expand icon.  The below image is the view of another workstation within the BeBop Dashboard.

10. When done sharing click the red telephone logo to Disconnect the session.  


11.  Your OTS Session is complete. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.