The following article shows you how to set up your new Zero Client for work on a BeBop workstation.  

You will need:

- Zero Client and Peripherals (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Ethernet Cable)

- Computer with internet access

- BeBop Desktop Client

- BeBop username (for example: "jdoe" NOT and password

- Connection Gateway

Your connection gateway URL can be found on the BeBop Client workstations screen 


  1.   You will need the zero client and peripherals as well as a second computer to update the firmware and change the default logo.  On the second computer you will need to download the firmware upgrade package and logo from these links; 

Download Logo From:

  1. Connect Required Peripheral DevicesMouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Internet and Power Source to zero client. 

3.  Turn on Zero-Client.  When the screen comes on select "Options" and then "User Settings."

4.  Select "Do not verify server identity certificates" then "Apply" and "Ok."

5.  Select "Options" again and this time select "Configuration."

6.  Select the "Session" tab.  You may need to click the "UNLOCK" button.  Leave the password blank and hit OK.  Change Connection type to "PCoIP Connection Manager."  


7.  Select the "Advanced" button.

8.  Click to turn on the options below and enter "BeBop Technology" for the Organization ID.

Then click "Apply" and  then "Ok."


9. Go back to "Options > Information" on the top left of the screen

10. Go to the Network tab and get the IP Address

11. On a separate computer, launch Chrome or Firefox and enter the IP Address and hit "Log In"

12. From the top Menu hit "Upload > Firmware"

13.  Browse and add the file from Step 1

14. After the upload completes (about a minute and 10 seconds) you will be redirected to a success page saying that you need to reset the machine.  Before you do that lets upload the logo.  Go back to the Upload button on the right and select “OSD Logo” 


15.  Browse for the logo downloaded in Step 1 and upload. 


16. After you reach the success page click the “Reset PCoIP Processor” button. 


17.  After the zero client restarts confirm that the logo is present on the Connect window.  


For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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