As part of Bebop onboarding every user will be onboarded to the Bebop Helpdesk.  You need to activate your support account by following the email link sent to you to set a password on the Bebop Support Portal.Make sure to check your Spam or Junk folders if you have not received your activation.

To enter a ticket or check the status navigate to "" on your web browser.

1. Click either Login link to sign-in to the Bebop Support Portal


2.  Login using same email as Bebop account.  Use the Password you setup when activating your account.

*Note: Passwords are not linked


3.  Once logged in you will see your name at the top right.  Select “New Support Ticket”

4.  Enter all details into your support ticket.  In the description field be as specific as you can.  Here is some of the information that will speed up the troubleshooting process to include:

User Account: Did you log in with your email or username?



Desktop or Zero Client:

Desktop Operating System:

Steps To Reproduce:  *This is one of the most important.  Please tell us every step you took before the problem occurred.  Starting from how you logged in.  

Also remember to include screen recordings or screen captures.  Don't just take a small image show us the entire desktop.


Here is a good example of what a ticket submission should look like:

Support Ticket Best Practices

To have the most efficient experience using the support site please follow these best practices. 

1.  1 issue = 1 ticket

Try not to load up a single ticket with multiple issues that are un-related.  Separate them onto different tickets. (ex: login trouble & billing question)

2.  Use the Ticket system

Teams of support agents are watching the helpdesk for new issues 24/7.  

Sending an email could delay getting support ASAP.

3.  Be as detailed as possible

- What is the issue?

- What were you doing at the time you experienced the issue?  

- Where were you at the time? (physical location, network, what Bebop workstation, etc.)

- Have you experienced this issue before?

4.  Check the Knowledge Database 

Search using keywords that are similar to your problem to see if there is a Support Article that can help.