Release Overview:

In this release, we are launching the Workstation Metrics feature in the MCP. This feature allows users who are logged into the MCP to monitor the CPU, RAM, and OS Disk utilization of workstations, providing them with the ability to quickly gauge the status of currently-running machines. Users can additionally access a page with a more detailed process list, which displays the top 25 highest-utilization processes that are currently running on a given workstation.

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users.

What's New:

BeBop Client software remains v.2.7.28/2.7.60

MCP update to v.2.7.41

Session Dashboard remains v.2.6.58


BPM-192 - Monitor and report BeBop Workstation metrics in MCP

  • In the rightmost column of the Workstations page of the MCP, users can now view the CPU, RAM, and OS Disk utilization Metrics of all of the workstations in their Org. By clicking on the circular bar graph icon underneath a given workstation’s listed metrics, users can additionally access a detailed Process List which displays the top 25 highest-utilization processes that are running on that workstation.


No improvements required this release!


No fixes needed this release!

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