Release Overview:

In this release, we are addressing a couple of issues related to Creative Cloud logout and Mac Keyboard functionality on BeBop Workstations, and making a small improvement to the UX of the MCP.

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users.

What's New:

BeBop Client software remains v.2.7.27/2.7.54

MCP update to v.2.7.33

Session Dashboard update to v.2.6.54


BPM-75 - Cursor should automatically start in the Authentication Code field for 2FA in the MCP

  • Previously, a user that was logging into the MCP would have to click in the Authentication Code field to enter their 2FA code. Now the cursor automatically starts in the field, so a user can start typing in their code directly.


BPM-156 - Adobe Creative Cloud accounts do not properly log out upon workstation shutdown

  • Users were not properly logged out of their Creative Cloud accounts upon shutting down a workstation. This issue has been resolved.

BPM-157 - Mac Keyboard toggle is not functioning properly

  • Extra key mappings were occurring when the Mac Keyboard option was enabled, which caused issues with proper functionality. This issue has been resolved.

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