Before starting make sure you've created a BeBop user profile and received your login info. If you have not received your login info, please contact the BeBop Helpdesk. You must also download and install the BeBop Client software before you can ingest content.  

1. Open the BeBop Client application and login.

2. Select the Hot Folder button.

3.  Select "Add Hot Folder" to establish new Hot Folder

4.  Select Project to add content to.

5.  Select Folder on your local drive to be watched as a "Hot Folder."

6.  Change settings that you would like and click "Add Hot Folder"


7.  The current status of your sync folder will be shown.  Select the sync option to start transferring.

8. Your Hot Folder will be located within you Bebop Project in the root.  

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.