Before starting make sure you've created a BeBop user profile and received your login info. If you have not received your login info, please contact the BeBop Helpdesk. You must also download and install the BeBop Client software before you can ingest content.  

1. Open the BeBop Client application and login.

2. You will be presented with the BeBop pod(s) - BeBop terminology for a Cloud region - that you have access to (your options may be different then the ones shown).

3. Select the pod you have been assigned in your "Welcome to BeBop" email notification.

4. Select the BeBop Download button.  If you do not see the BeBop Download button contact your OrgAdmin to verify that your account has been approved for downloading content. 

5. Select the Project name associated with your BeBop account (enterprise customers may have access to multiple projects), or search using the “Search Project” bar by typing in the name of the project.


Projects - BeBop terminology for shared storage drive

6.  Set your download location

7.  Easily search for the desired media or folders using the search parameters; Name, File Size, Date.  After inputting your parameters click “Apply”

8. Once your media or folder is found select the download icon to retrieve.

9. You can check the status of your download progress as you go by selecting the “Active Downloads” tab.  You can also see what is in the queue by selecting the corresponding tab

10. You may notice a bar that states "Transfer Servers are stopped due to inactivity.  Please give us 2 minutes to start them up."  This will happen if there has been a period of inactivity.  Your transfer will start as soon as the transfer servers have spun up. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.