To connect to Avid Media Composer 2018 to Avid Floating License Server within in Bebop

  • Go to the System Tray or Start Menu and open the Avid Link Application.
  • Click "No" then OK
  • Select Products on the left side bar

  • Click on Products and Activations under Media Composer.

  • Click on Other Activation Methods
  •  and select License Server under Activation Method

  • Click on Current License Server, which will take you to the new UI 
    • This is a one time job, consecutive plugins and VM Option will have Use License Server lit up after this and next step.
  • Under the License Server Options, enter Primary Server and Backup Server (Optional).

This is usually http://<orgname>-avid1.beboptechnology.internal and http://<orgname>-avid2.beboptechnology.internal. Example: If the Organization Name is Bebop, then it would be http://bebop-avid1.beboptechnology.internal and http://bebop-avid2.beboptechnology.internal. Check with Bebop support to for the license server URLs

Click on Save    

  • Select Products on the left Sidebar again. Check the box beside Use License Server.

  • Avid Media Composer will get activated and will show a success message.

  • Repeat the same for VM Option as well. 

  • Click on the check box beside Use License Server. No need to configure Current License Server, as its configured already during Media Composer step above.

  • VM Option will also show activation success message.

Go ahead and launch AVID

Please contact, Bebop Support in case of questions.