1. Before you can connect to a BeBop session from a Zero Client, make sure that you have the following two pieces of information:
    • Your BeBop username (this is typically first initial, last name, e.g. "jdoe")
    • The server address for the region you are connecting to (see list in appendix)

  2. Login to the BeBop desktop client and select the pod that you would like to work in

  3. Launch the workstation you want to use

  4. The workstation must be Green and ready to launch before you can login from the Zero Client.

  5. Power on the Zero Client. Make sure that a display, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet and other approved peripherals are connected.

  6. Once you reach the main screen, enter the address of the region you are connecting to in the ‘Server:’ field and click ‘Connect’

  7. If you encounter a certificate warning dialog box, click ‘Continue’

  8. Enter your username and password and click ‘Login’

  9. You will see the list of workstations that are available; select the workstation you would like to connect to and click ‘Connect’

  10.  You are now logged into the BeBop workstation, and can work on it the same way you would connecting from a desktop client.

  11. When finished working, click Shutdown to stop the workstation and log out


Teradici will always default to the last client you launch the workstation from. If you have a session running on a desktop client and try to launch the same session from the zero client it will kick you out of the desktop session, and vice versa

Your connection gateway URL can be found on the BeBop Client Workstations screen (see Below)

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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