The following article will detail all steps required for a new user to get setup with a 48 hour test drive on BeBop using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Please note that you will need a valid Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to utilize this test drive program.  The BeBop workstation and platform are 100% free of charge during the 48 hours you are allocated.

To begin your BeBop/Adobe Test Drive:

  1. Please proceed to the Google Marketplace listing page for the BeBop/Adobe Test Drive.  You can either search for "BeBop Technology" or proceed directly to this link: [insert direct link here]
  2. Once you have a chance to review the listing page, please click on the button that says "Try a free Test Drive":

  3. This will pop up a message explaining that you are leaving the Google Marketplace site and going to the Orbitera website.  Not to worry!! Orbitera is a Google company and is the platform that operates all Test Drives for marketplaces on all three major cloud providers.

  4. From here, you will land on the Orbitera/BeBop Test Drives home page.  This page will present you with a login or registration option.  You want to click on the "Register" option to create you Orbitera account.  NOTE: This will only be used to initiate your Test Drive.  You will be issued a standard BeBop user account in a later step that will be used for any and all activities on the BeBop platform moving forward.

  5. Complete the Orbitera user registration step as shown below. Click "Continue" once completed.

  6. You will receive a confirmation email from Orbitera once your account is successfully created there:

  7. Click "Launch Test Drive" once you are presented with the following page.  Clicking this button will initiate the creation of your Test Drive workstation.

  8. After clicking the "Launch Test Drive" button, the BeBop platform will take about 5-10 mins to get your Test Drive instance up and running.  In the mean time, you will find a short video below with a full Adobe demo for your reference as well as other reference links below:

  9. Once your Test Drive workstation is fully provisioned, Orbitera will start tracking the overall time lapsed for the 48 hour Test Drive.  You can view the time remaining by logging into Orbitera here: BeBop-Adobe Test Drive Homepage

  10. You will also receive the following confirmation email from Orbitera indicating that your Test Drive instance is ready to go!

  11. A key step in setting up your Test Drive is to create and activate your BeBop user account.  During the process of spinning up your workstation, this will be initiated for you to complete.  You will receive an activation email from BeBop that looks like the following.  Please make sure you see "" as the FROM address as well as the email address you used to register in the actual email message.  If you don't receive this email within 5 mins, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder or contact BeBop Support for assistance (

  12. Activating your account will simply require you to set a password (please note the password complexity requirements).

  13. Login to BeBop MCP and accept the End User License Agreement:

  14. Once you accept the EULA, you will be presented with the main BeBop MCP Dashboard (see below).  From here, you will have visibility into all areas of your BeBop eco-system.  For the purposes of this Test Drive, we will be focused on "Workstations", "Workstation Usage" and "Download Client" menus.

    1. Workstations - details of all workstations you have access to

    2. Workstation Usage - details of all workstation usage that you have access to view

    3. Download Client - download link for Mac OSX and Windows BeBop client installers

  15. Download and install the BeBop Client (for Mac or Windows)

  16. View your Test Drive workstation by clicking on the "Workstations" menu (left side navigation bar):

  17. Once you have installed the BeBop Client application, login with your BeBop account credentials that were activated in the previous step:

  18. You will be presented with the following screen requesting you to choose where you want to connect from.  Please select "USCENTRAL":

  19. You will then be presented with your Test Drive workstation. To power it on, click the box once. It will begin the start up process and change colors to indicate progress. First to yellow, then to purple, then to green when it is ready to connect!

  20. From here, your screen will display a Windows desktop that is the BeBop workstation. There will also be a BeBop Session Dashboard that automatically loads on the desktop that will expose the following BeBop features to you:

    1. BeBop Projects - This is how BeBop exposes and authorizes shared storage to users. Please note that this trial provides test content loaded onto the local C:\ drive of your workstation specifically for the purposes of this Test Drive. You will not be utilizing shared storage during the Test Drive but this is a core component of the overall platform. If you would like to learn more about this platform feature, please contact

    2. BeBop App Launcher - Launches the applications you have access to on your workstation.

    3. BeBop OTS ("Over the Shoulder") - BeBop's proprietary live session technology that allows you to share your BeBop session with another authorized user. Please note that this feature is not part of this Test Drive. If you would like to learn more about this feature, please contact

  21. The final steps to starting your Test Drive are:

    1. Activate the Adobe Creative Cloud applications by logging in to the Adobe Desktop License Manager.

    2. Open the pre-configured Adobe Premiere test project found on the desktop.