BeBop OTS (Over the Shoulder) is a collaboration feature that allows for remote viewing of a single BeBop workstation from another BeBop workstation.

The BeBop OTS feature requires two users to launch two BeBop workstations. One will serve as the master workstation that will be viewed and the other workstation will be remote viewing the master's desktop.

Before starting an OTS session make sure that your microphone and speakers are plugged in and working.  If your microphone and speakers weren't plugged in and powered on before you launched your workstation you may need to "Disconnect" from the VM and launch it again.

As an example, a Creative User is on his workstation and wants to invite a Producer to view his screen. The Creative makes an invite in their BeBop Session Dashboard that notifies the Producer. The Producer then clicks on the 'join' in their dashboard to begin remote viewing. 

Starting a BeBop OTS session


    a. Login to a Bebop Workstation

    b. Select the "Send Invite" tab on the right side of the BeBop Session Dashboard.

    c. Enter a "Session Name"

    d. Enter a "Description"

    e. Select the user you wish to invite to your OTS session. The drop-down menu may assist your search.

    f. Select "Invite"


    a. Login to a BeBop workstation

    b. Select the "View Invite" tab on the right side of the BeBop Dashboard. 

    c. Select the invite from the list
    d. Click to "Join"

Additionally, an invitation to join the session will be emailed to the OTS viewing user.

5. On the OTS USER ONE workstation

    a. Once the invite is accepted you will be connected but not sharing your screen yet

    b. Select “Share Screen”


 Each workstation may alternately share their screen with the other workstation as desired.

    c. Select "Entire screen" to begin screen sharing.

  You may check the communication and screen share status via the small windows on the bottom right of the screen. There is an audio level meter that indicates mic levels. 

6. There are three icons at the bottom of the OTS share screen. 

    a. Microphone: Mic on or mute.

    b. Telephone: OTS session disconnected entirely.

    c. Screen: Screen share on or off. This may be used to stop screen sharing but still keeps the session connection active. 

7. When done sharing and to disconnect the session. 

    a. Go back to the BeBop Dashboard on the workstation

    b. Click on the active session on the bottom right "BeBop OTS" section


 c. Click "Stop Sharing" to stop sharing the screen


 d. Click the red phone "Disconnect" icon to leave the sharing session completely.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.