This article is for an older release of BeBop Technology.  For the most current release notes please click here.

Release Features Overview

Transfer Client/Server Improvements

We have made a lot of improvements to the BeBop Uploader.

  • Batch Small File uploads - We are packaging up small files and uploading them as 1 big file, then unpacking it on the server side to improve performance.
  • Better transfer logging - We can identify issues with transfer for clients as they occur in realtime without having to contact the client to send us logs.
  • HTTPS based upload - We have enabled HTTPS secure uploads.e
  • MD5 Checksum - There is a "Check Integrity" button which does an MD5 as a file is being uploaded and verifies on the server side.
  • A number of Bug Fixes.
  • Authenticated Transfers.

Session view for Transfer Logs - This view allows user to view the transfer in the browser exactly as if they were view it on their client.

Organization Admin Role

This role will provide an Organization admin with access to this Organization!

  • Dashboard for his Org
  • Users under his org
  • Projects under his org
  • Workstation Usage and Transfer Logs for his Org

Sync Server

We can pull down from any S3 bucket directly to a BeBop project.

Sync Server activity is available in the Transfer Logs

Activity Log

Users/Org Admins now have a table view of their activity log. Initially this will be a simple list of logs like project created, user created. We will add more activity to this log over time.

Security Updates

URL's are redirected to login if they user tries to access a URL that is not authorized properly.

Storage Reporting

Users, Org admins will have view of their storage per project/region/pod

Projects will also report storage

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