The following article will provide a basic overview of the BeBop Ingest service. With this service, users can utilize the BeBop Client to ingest content securely into the BeBop Project of their choice. The integration to BeBop Project offers a very user friendly way to know exactly where your content is being ingested and ensure that only authorized users for that project have access.

BeBop Client

Please note the current release of BeBop Ingest integrates Aspera Connect and will require the following Aspera Connect plugin to be installed:

Future release of BeBop Ingest will support additional transfer protocols.


Any files/folders that are uploaded using BeBop Ingest will land in the root of the selected BeBop Project volume. Each transfer session will be transferred into a folder with the current date/time on it. This is done to avoid overwriting duplicate files if they are transferred more than once.

Once logged into a BeBop Workstation, you will see a list of all projects you can access. Each will have a Mount button next to it. Once clicked, this will open a Windows Explorer window to the network drive mounted to your project volume.