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BeBop 2.1 contains exciting new product features as well as a ton of improvements to the overall Platform and its supportability. This release introduces two new major concepts to bring form to BeBop's storage offering: Projects and storage servers. These new features (detailed below) provide users with fine-grained control to separate projects into virtual work spaces, complete with dedicated storage and the ability to authorize down to specific groups of users within an organization.

Release Features Overview

BeBop Project and Storage Servers

BeBop Project introduces a more familiar way to group your work and manage storage on the BeBop Platform. You can now create projects in a specific pod/region, and add access to that project on an individual-user basis. Once a project is created, authorized users will be able to mount the project's storage volume and access it via Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer.

Avid Bin Locking (2.1.1)

An additional feature of BeBop Project is it extends BeBop's support of Avid bin locking to enable multiple Avid Media Composer workstations to access the same bins at the same time. This feature provides a fully emulated AVIDFS volume, which enables the same workgroup capabilities as Avid ISIS/NEXIS storage backends.

BeBop Ingest Enhancements

  • BeBop Ingest Client now requires the selection of a project in which to ingest.
  • BeBop Ingest Client also allows users to update the transfer rate after the transfer has started.

New User Roles

  • L1 - Level 1 monitoring and escalation team
  • L2 - Level 2 engineering team
  • Org Admin - Organizational Administrator

Optimized Support for Zero Clients

Zero clients will only be presented with BeBop workstations that are in a powered ON state.

RT8 version update from Teradici

Upgrades the following Teradici components to RT8:

  • Security Gateway/Connection Manager
  • PCoIP Workstation Agent
  • PCoIP Client SDK

User Impersonation for Support

Authorized L1 and L2 support team members now have the ability to impersonate any BeBop user to facilitate troubleshooting user experience-related issues.

Workstation Idle Timeout

This easily configurable feature measures the amount of time from the last mouse/keyboard action. Once the desired threshold is reached, BeBop will shut down the workstation. This option is configured at the pod level.

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