This article is for an older release of BeBop Technology.  For the most current release notes please click here.

Release Overview

We have been very hard at work on the upcoming 2.0 release of the BeBop Platform and are excited to offer our users new functionality and more stabilized and optimized user experience. We completely rewrote the BeBop core orchestration engine to provide more fluidity and accuracy throughout the flow of logging in, turning on/off desktops, and logging in/out of them.

Feature Highlights

Increased Accuracy of Workstation Status on BeBop Client

With the new and improved BeBop brokering capabilities, the process of powering on, initializing, and connecting to a BeBop Workstation has never been smoother and more stable.

Workstation Power On:

Workstation Powered On, But Still Initializing:

Workstation Powered On and Ready to Connect!

Granular/Accurate Workstation Monitoring and Statistics in BeBop Dashboard

With the direct integration of the AWS EC2 API, we are able to display significantly more details, information, and statistics about the BeBop workstations running in your virtualized editorial facility.

Detailed Workstation Information

Usage Tracking Precision Increased to Milliseconds

BeBop now has the ability to track usage statistics down to the millisecond (note: BeBop usage will continue to be billed on an hourly basis) providing additional accuracy and paving the way for future product enhancements.

Preview Release - BeBop Workstation Dashboard

The BeBop Workstation Dashboard is a new platform feature which will serve as a users "home base" once they log into a BeBop Workstation. From here, users will launch the applications they've subscribed to--Adobe Creative Cloud, AVID Media Composer, etc.--as well as standard Windows applications (e.g., Chrome, Text Editor, etc.). Users will also have access to BeBop Workstation statistics like elapsed runtime as well as other tools like Mac Keyboard Emulation. In future releases this dashboard will also be a focal point for all project and storage management.

User Auto-Provisioning for BeBop Upload

Any user added to a pod will automatically be provisioned to upload files to that pod's storage volume. This is a general provisioning capability that will be extended to additional Platform features in future releases.

Folder Upload

BeBop now supports the ability to upload entire folders as well as individual files.

SGCM (Connection Gateway) Management and Load Balancing

You can now add multiple SGCM instances to a BeBop Region. Initially, this will provide a fault-tolerant and highly available configuration for that BeBop Region. The Dashboard will use a standard round robin pattern to choose from the list of available SGCMs when client sessions are initiated.

A ton of new BeBop functionality and features are on the way. We'll update you soon with more details! 

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