Log in

1. Make sure you have activated your account.

2. Go to the BeBop MCP (it's a good idea to bookmark this too) and login. BeBop works best with the Chrome browser. 

3. Select Downloads from the menu on the left to download the BeBop Client software for Mac or PC.

4. Install the BeBop Client application and login.

*Note: Follow these directions if your Organization uses SSO for security for logins: 

Logging into BeBop with SSO.

5. The main screen shows two options to select. 

   a. The Organization(s) you have been given access to. 

   b. The Pod(s) in the Organization you have been given access to.

*"Pod" is BeBop terminology for a Cloud region.  

*Note: your options may be different then the ones shown.

6. Select the same Pod you have been assigned to in your "Welcome to BeBop" email notification.

Ingest Content

This article may also help with the ingest content process:

Uploading Content into BeBop using Rocket Transfer

1. Select the Rocket Upload button.

2. Search or select the Project name associated with your BeBop account 

*Note: enterprise customers may have access to multiple projects.

3a. You may change the destination location of your upload from the default (date and time labeled folder) by selecting the "Change" button. 

3b. To change the destination, select the new upload path destination from the list, or create a new folder.

4. Drag and Drop your content into the Upload window. 

5. You can check the progress status of your ingest transfer.

*Note: Ingest speed varies depending upon your bandwidth and how many transfer servers have been assigned to your Organization.

Start Editing with Premiere

1. Select the Desktops button to go back to the Workstation(s) inside your BeBop Pod.

2. Select your Pod. Available Workstations are shown that can be turned on and accessed.

Note: your options may be different then the ones shown.

3. Click on "Start Now" on any Workstation that is GRAY (stopped state) to turn it on. You will see it turn PURPLE and be assigned to your BeBop user.

*Note: The process to turn on a stopped Workstation can take up to two minutes

4. Once it turns GREEN, click on "Launch" to connect to the Workstation.

*Note: You may have options of ways to connect to the Workstation. Refer to this article:

How to Use the PCoIP button in the BeBop Client

5. Once logged into the BeBop Workstation the Workstation Dashboard will automatically open. Select the Mount button to connect your Project to the BeBop Workstation.

*Note: FLEX projects may take a few seconds to show up on the list. 

6. The folders and media files you've ingested are listed in the navigation window. 

*Note: your folders may be different then the ones shown.

7. Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud. Make sure to do this before launching a CC program.

*NOTE: To use Adobe Premiere on the BeBop Platform you must have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. If you haven't purchased a subscription you can sign up for one here.

8. Once signed in to Adobe Creative Cloud, select Adobe Premiere from the BeBop Workstation Dashboard's App Launcher section.

9. After Adobe Premiere launches, open an existing Project and the navigation window opens. The Project you mounted is listed under the Computer section as an external drive.

10. Select the media file you want to work on and start editing!

11. When you want to close the BeBop Workstation simply shutdown.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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