Before starting make sure you've created a BeBop user profile and received your login info. If you have not received your login info, please contact the BeBop Helpdesk.

Download the BeBop Client

1. Go to the BeBop Dashboard (it's a good idea to bookmark this too) and login.

2. Select Download Client from the menu on the left to download the BeBop Client software for Mac or PC.

3. Install the BeBop Client application and login.

4. You will be presented with the BeBop pod(s) - BeBop terminology for a Cloud region - that you have access to (your options may be different then the ones shown).

5. Select the trial pod you have been assigned in your "Welcome to BeBop" email notification.

Ingest Content

6. Select the BeBop Ingest button.

7. Select the Project name associated with your BeBop account (enterprise customers may have access to multiple projects).

8. There are three easy ways you can ingest content into BeBop: 

You can ingest entire folders of content from your computer or a network.

You can select individual media files to ingest from your computer or a network.

Or you can drag-and-drop a media file into the ingest window.

9. You can check the status of your ingest progress as you go. NOTE: Ingest speed varies depending upon your bandwidth.

Start Editing with Media Composer

10. Select the Desktops button to go back to the Workstation(s) inside your BeBop pod.

11. You will see a list of available Workstations that can be turned on and accessed (your options may be different then the ones shown).

Click any Workstation that is GRAY (stopped state) to turn it on. You will see it turn YELLOW and be assigned to your BeBop user.

NOTE: The process to turn on a stopped workstation can take up to two minutes.

Once it turns GREEN, click once more to connect to the Workstation.

12. Once logged into the BeBop Workstation the Dashboard App Launcher will automatically open. Select the Mount button to connect your Project to the BeBop Workstation.

13. You will see the folders and media files you've ingested. Click X to close this window.

NOTE: Do not store (or look for your files) in the c:// drive. That's the drive for the virtual machine that is specific to your current Cloud session not to your projects or your user ID. When you close your current session and restart a new one later the the c://drive is not reloaded from any previous session - if you put anything here, it will not be there when you login next time. The project drives are your virtual portable drives with your project files/footage - you “plug them in” whenever you login to BeBop and “take them with you” when you leave.

14. Go to the App Launcher section of the BeBop Dashboard and select Avid Media Composer.

NOTE: To use Avid Media Composer on the BeBop Platform you must have an Avid license. If you haven't purchased a license you can get one here

15. After Media Composer loads up, create a new Avid project as you normally would and start editing!

16. When you want to close the BeBop Workstation simply shut down.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.